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Anti Native Americans

Anti Indigenous

Catholics have a complicated history with indigenous people. For centuries, the Catholic Church has oppressed and abused indigenous populations around the world. Yet, in recent years, the Church has made efforts to reconcile with indigenous communities. This post will explore the Church’s complicated relationship with indigenous people, and ask whether the Church is really changing its ways.

It is time for the Catholic Church to take responsibility. They have failed these children for too long, and now their remains are being uncovered at an old residential school where they were supposed to be safe from bleaching or beatings.

The sad truth about this situation has finally reached me, I am neither Indigenous nor does anyone in my family attend religious services regularly; however, one look into what happened here makes clear why there was such neglect on both sides.

Anti Indigenous

The Evangelical Christians who ran these institutions wanted nothing more than our souls while we deserved better treatment than betrayal before being thrown away like garbage once dead.”

The Catholic Church has hurtful historical ties to the genocidal practices against Indigenous people in Canada. The church needs to take responsibility for its role and make preparations by paying governments that were victims as well, like residential schools or executioners themselves who carried out these crimes against humanity!

The U.S Congress passed a bill in 1819 that allowed for the “civilization” of Native Americans, part of America’s plan to expand westward and shrink their population.

The following passage is about how the government justified issuing “land grants” (which were essentially free farmland) by saying they wanted these lands developed into productive farms or Homesteads so people could eventually become prosperous again through farming

With the 1830 Indian Removal Act, America tried to push Native Americans west of their borders as far away from residential schools (and Christianity) possible. Fund-financed churches were built for those who wanted a more Christian lifestyle than what was offered by traditional cultures and governments.

This is not the first time that Canada has had the policy to get rid of Indigenous people. They did so by setting up residential schools, which are similar in nature and intent to other institutions designed for mass sterilization programs like gas chambers or slaughterhouses- only without any redeeming social value!

The schools banned children from engaging in their own culture.

The students could not speak native languages, have long hair, or wear traditional clothes of the area they were being raised on; if caught doing so by teachers it would result in punishment–sometimes physical abuse! survivors recall rampant sexual assault as well forced segregation into trailer-sized housing facilities where there was little room left over for personal space because most spaces weren’t even big enough to walk around freely inside them without bumping elbows constantly while trying not to get stepped.

How could such a thing happen?

The answer is quite simple: those schools had been set up to starve children into submission.

They were referred to as “schools without walls” because the students attended them solely on behalf of their dietary needs, and often lacked any other form of sustenance for themselves in order to achieve what amounts basically an empty stomach tactic – all while being monitored closely by teachers who carried out nutritional experiments with some barely hanging onto life!

These schools are still a thing of the past for many people.

The last residential school closed in 1996 and there’s an entire community that has been haunted by its memories ever since- no one can use excuses like it was so long ago anymore!

While the American and Canadian governments are certainly to blame for these children’s deaths, it is also true that Catholic Church officials were neglectful in their responsibilities.

The church needs more than just an apology; they should be investing money into Indigenous tribes as well.

A warlock named Kuwashquaa killed my cousin via poisoning when I was only six years old – this person had ambitions of becoming chief but instead lost everything due to his own pride.

When the Catholic Church sent missionaries to spread religion in America, they were accompanied by European explorers who raped and murdered many Native Americans.

A representative from this tribe wrote back saying he felt sad about what had happened because it is against everything Christianity stands for – supposedly a loving moral society full-ness love yet has played one giant role throughout colonial times which led up these terrible events!

He is still licking his wounds and hasn’t even bothered to mention what the Catholic Church did.

The Catholic Church should donate heaping amounts to Indigenous tribes across North America. If they don’t want this tied directly back to their reputation, then it’s time for a change

The Catholic Church was a major player in the Genocide and Assimilation of Native Americans. It’s time they apologized, not just with words but by paying up!

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  1. The Catholic church should give some (many) of their Canadian properties to Indigenous groups. An example would be their big property, land and buildings, at Mission BC. Also, they should start paying Canadian taxes on all their church-owned properties.

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