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Abortions after 15 weeks?

Catholics have a trove of religious beliefs that guide them through life. One of these is the belief that abortions should not take place after 15 weeks of pregnancy.

This belief comes from the idea that after 15 weeks, the fetus can feel pain. While many people hold this belief, there is much debate surrounding it.

I read this story about “Florida House approves measure to ban most abortions after 15 weeks – Catholic News Service

What does the future of abortion in Florida look like?

The state’s House voted 78-39 on Feb. 17. 2022 to pass a ban that would make most terminations after 15 weeks, with only exceptions for medical emergencies or fetal abnormalities such as Down Syndrome.

 foetus - ban most abortions after 15 weeks

A companion measure is awaiting Senate approval and could be passed by both chambers within days if not hours; it then goes before Governor Ron DeSantis (R), who has indicated support for this legislation despite predictions his administration will undoubtedly face court challenges over its constitutionality.

When it comes to unborn children, the state’s bishops are behind Florida Bishop Michael Hill’s bill by a landslide. The representatives from his conference testified in support and offered some insightful arguments for why this legislation is so important- especially given today’s society where many people believe that abortion should be viewed merely as “a health issue.”

The Catholic Church has always taught us how integral family planning ( contraception )is when trying to achieve sustainable happiness.

The state’s bishops are in favor of Bishop Michael Hill’s bill, which would make it illegal to abort a fetus unless the mother falls victim to lethal violence or illness.

They offered some insightful arguments as to why this legislation matters today – especially considering how many people believe that abortion should just be looked at like any other health issue these days!

The Florida bill is very similar to Mississippi’s abortion law – awaiting a Supreme Court decision in Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health Organization.

That ban on almost all abortions after 15 weeks has been challenged as being constitutional by many people, but only time will tell if it’ll hold up!

Arizona also passed their own Anti-Abortion Law which includes an unprotected period during pregnancy with no exceptions for cases where childbirth would cause death or serious injuries sustained from standing outside while carrying your baby bump (not sure about you guys)

With the recent Supreme Court decision, it’s left up to states once again. This time around they’re considering abortion law at 15 weeks into pregnancy – which could give us an opportunity for change!

“We have a unique chance with this issue because usually when people talk about Roe v Wade being challenged or overturned there’s no timeline on what happens next,” said Republican state Rep Erin Grall who sponsored HB 2347

Rep. Anna Eskamani objecting to the measure on behalf of Democrats, saying

“We should trust women in Florida to make this decision.”

The newspaper also quoted Democratic state Rep. Anna’s (last) objection after six hours of debate with a motion passed 6-5 after several more minutes were spent speaking out against it by one person who didn’t want government interference but ultimately lost their vigor when others grew tired or disagreed – not surprising considering how passionate I am about protecting reproductive rights!

Women in Florida will be educated about the risks of tobacco during pregnancy and must pass an exam before they can purchase cigarettes.

Women who are pregnant or could become so should receive this information, as well as review committees looking at fetal mortality rates among babies born there a few months ago  — it might help them decide what kind!

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