Wed. May 24th, 2023
beauty will save the world

Beauty will Save our World

Though I quote the famous phrase, “Beauty will save our world” at such a high frequency that Dostoevsky may be twitching in his grave as we write this. However, a priest once reminded me of related truth: If its true beauty can save us from damnation then ugliness deserves to doom us all!

How could anyone vote against this?

beauty will save the world

In a time when women were still seen as second-class citizens, the Supreme Court decided that one woman’s uterus is indeed relevant to her overall personhood.

We should all be grateful for their decisions and actions which have given us more freedom than ever before!

The image of beauty is not one that should be taken lightly. Every human being created by abortion looks like an unworthy mess to the clinic’s standards, with limbs too short or heads already crushed in some cases- it deserves nothing but violence for what they do.

The act of abortion is a sentence pronouncement on the motherhood status. It brands mothers as flawed beings who can’t do their job properly and must be destroyed for being too weak to handle new life in this world we’ve created together.

We are all created in the image and likeness of beauty. Abortion looks at that beautiful creation, deeming it unworthy for existence because it violently dismembers tiny arms which were made to embrace another; crushes skulls formed knowing goodness or truth – whatever justice you wish upon your unborn child is what I say about this situation!

The act of abortion is an affront to creation, scorns the most intimate union between child and mother. It physically tears two apart leaving one dead while another in profound pain.

In a world where beauty is considered to be irrelevant, these wonderful little people with disabilities or unexpected pregnancies deserve more than just being thrown away like trash.

The closest thing to a national holiday that we have is Humanae Day. By celebrating this day, America celebrates all of its accomplishments in health care and medicine while forgetting about the millions upon millions who were hurt or killed by abortion providers across our nation’s borders.

What price do you think has been paid for half-heartedly embracing ugliness?

We have lost over 62 million souls since 1973. aborted babies and children, women are robbed from the world they were created to live in!

How can we call ourselves humans when such a thing exists?

These murdered babies should be remembered as much for their dignity in death as they were during life. Their killers will never know true suffering, but those who remember them may find some peace with themselves because at least someone still cares enough to speak up about what happened.

no to abortion

The abortion agenda has arguably pervaded every corner of society, saying that a person’s worth is subjective and only dictated by the response from others. Younger generations have struggled with crippling self-worth problems and social anxiety as well; should it really come as such a surprise?

The killing of a child is considered acceptable because that person’s life has been defined as something other than who they are. This perspective carries over into society and how countries teach their citizens about all those born or unborn, too in the same way, we should be teaching our youth not to get pregnant if there isn’t another option!

Beauty can range from breathtaking to revolting. The nothing that makes a person want to think about abortion is more powerful than any other thing in this world, but for some reason, we always seem drawn back toward ugliness every year on November 27th – the anniversary date of Roe v Wade.

A sentiment against vice never dies; it only rears its ugly head again years later when you would least expect it!

We need a day to mourn the babies who have been killed, and we must repent for our complacency. We cannot look away from this ugliness because it is something that will damn humanity if left unchecked.

We’re all Pro-Choice but sometimes you just can’t help yourself from feeling empathy with those mothers whose children were taken from them too soon by abortion procedures which are so often painful & graphic in nature – It makes sense why they’d want nothing more than taking matters into their own hands when dealing such heavy loss.

“The love of Christ knows no limits … it does not shrink from ugliness and filth.” – Edith Stein

Beauty already saved the world when He took on all that is ugly. A victim to one of history’s most vicious crimes, abortion has been worn as an open wound for centuries by those who seek beauty in its sacrifice.-On this day I will worship You because even though we are surrounded with so much pain; there remains hope thanksgiving Bible.

The ugliness of abortion should make us all pause to think about how much it robbed our society and communities. But this sobering reality also motivates me with deeper hope in the beauty which will someday restore them, because He has already decided on who lives — even if I can’t see past my prejudice against pre-born children right now!

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